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PB English Language Resources

An established English Centre in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur that has been providing quality English Classes since year 2008.

At our Centre, students learn English FAST and the classes are great FUN.

In addition, we have caring TESOL- trained teachers who are always there for you. FANTASTIC materials from Cambridge and Oxford University Press – the two BEST English linguistic publishers in the world – make PROFESSIONAL English teaching come alive in our classrooms!

To top it all up, our fees are truly AFFORDABLE! Call us TODAY for that English learning ADVENTURE!

自 2008 年以来,在吉隆坡甲洞市建立的英语中心一直提供优质的英语课程


此外,我们还有受过 TESOL 培训的爱心教师随时为您服务。 剑桥大学出版社——世界上最好的英语语言出版商——的精彩材料——让专业的英语教学在我们的课堂上栩栩如生!

最重要的是,我们的费用真的很实惠! 今天就打电话给我们参加英语学习冒险吧!

Everyday at PB English Language Resources Centre is like a blessing with the joyful students and talented teachers.

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