A Commitment to Excellence


PB English Language Resources aims at offering all our students international syllabus aligned with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to prepare learners for the best social and work life.

Learners can take the Cambridge Assessment English exams as they progress through these programmes and upon passing, will be awarded valuable certificates that will help open doors to the best colleges, universities and careers worldwide.

Starting from a basic English skill level to the highest level, these courses develop learners on the use of language in real life. At the end of these programmes, learners will be able to read, write, listen and speak at a high level of English fluency.

PB English Language Resources 旨在为我们所有的学生提供符合 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) 的国际教学大纲,让学习者为最好的社交和工作生活做好准备。


这些课程从基本的英语技能水平到最高水平,培养学习者在现实生活中使用语言的能力。 在这些课程结束时,学习者将能够以高水平的英语流利程度进行读、写、听和说。

Cambridge Young Learners (YLE)


Suitable for children in primary schools.

Content: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing


内容: 听, 说, 读, 写.

  • Lower Primary 1 – 4 (小学低年级 1 – 4)
  1. Cambridge Starters
  2. Cambridge Movers
  3. Cambridge Super Movers
  • Upper Primary 5 – 6 (小学高年级 5 – 6)
  1. Cambridge Flyers
  2. Cambridge Super Flyers

Cambridge Main Suite


Suitable for students in secondary school and college/university.

Content: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


内容: 听, 说, 读, 写.

  • Cambridge Key (previously known as Cambridge English: Key and the Key English Test, KET)
  • Cambridge Preliminary (previously known as Cambridge English: Preliminary and the Preliminary English Test)
  • Cambridge First (previously known as Cambridge English: First and the First Certificate in English)

Cambridge IGCSE


Suitable for learners whose first or second language is English.

Content: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

End Result: Learners develop the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when speaking and writing while using a wide range of vocabulary, and the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.


内容: 听, 说, 读, 写. 

最终结果: 学习者发展了在口语和写作时清晰, 准确和有效地交流的能力, 同时使用广泛的词汇, 以及正确的语法, 拼写和标点符号.

  • Cambridge IGCSE Year 7 – 12

Conversation Course


Suitable for working adults.

Objective: Learners get to develop conversational skills, correct pronunciation and vocabulary expansion for real world use.

End Result: Speak English fluently and accurately.


目标: 学习者可以发展会话技巧, 正确发音和扩大词汇量以供现实世界使用.

最终结果: 说一口流利准确的英语.

  • Basic Level (基本水平)
  • Inter Level (间级)
  • Advance Level (进阶水平)

Grammar Course


Suitable for Secondary 1 – 6 students, College / University students and Working adults.

Objective : Students get to learn the accuracy of the language.

End Result : Ability to use English correctly.

适合中一至六年级的学生, 大专/大学生和在职人士.

目的: 让学生学习语言的准确性.

最终结果: 能够正确使用英语.

  • Basic Level (基本水平)
  • Inter Level (间级)
  • Advance Level (进阶水平)

Essay Writing Course


Suitable for Secondary 1 – 6 students and College / University students.

适合中 1 – 6 年级学生和大专/大学学生.

One -to- One Course


We provide personalised one-to-one classes upon requests and arrangements.


Business English Course


Business English course provide language training in business communication, including business correspondence, negotiations, presentations, networking, business vocabulary, report writing, vocabulary for professional purposes.

Studying business English allows you to develop English language skills that are useful in an office or other business environments.

By understanding the communication skills needed in the workplace, you can gain the confidence to build strong relationships with your colleagues and clients.